Welcome to GIFTS Ministry!  Our mission is to impact those rescued from the sex trafficking trade and “at risk” youth in Costa Rica.  GIFTS stands for God Is For The Sinner.  God gave me the name of this ministry in a dream.  We want to do all we can to see sinners and saints brought into their true identity in Christ,

“Defend the defenseless, the fatherless and the forgotten
the disenfranchised and the destitute
Your duty is to deliver the poor and the powerless,
liberate them from the grasp of the wicked.”
Psalm 82: 3-4


Our long-term goal is to have a retreat center for at-risk children and their families as a place to find peace and relaxation from the chaos of their lives. We would like to be able to build a chapel for prayer and healing, a swimming pool, zip lines, an indoor soccer field, and have horseback riding.  Activities help to heal the body and the Word of God  heals the soul. Secondly, we envision this Center to be used by missionaries and their families to enable them to find a place of rest and relaxation so they can be refreshed and renewed before going back into the field. Lastly, for churches to bring their mission groups. We are non-denominational, so all are welcome.


Our immediate goal is to make contacts in the community and local churches. By partnering with them, we want to find and meet their most pressing needs first. This builds trust with the local people and prevents us from duplicating ministries that are already established. We want to enhance, not duplicate.


We have found that although Costa Rica boasts a 96% literacy rate, many of the schools in the mountainous regions lack adequate supplies for the children.  A child that is educated and shown God’s love is far less likely to be trafficked. Therefore, we are partnering with several churches to distribute free school supplies in these regions. The need is very great and every donation to GIFTS Ministry is appreciated. Just $30.00 a month will make a huge difference to the life of a child or family.


Many young people are trafficked because they lack job training skills and have low self-esteem. We want to change that by teaching the girls and boys a trade.  Kathy has the equipment to teach the girls to make greeting cards and is also partnering with a school in the mountains to teach sewing skills. Ritch was a contractor in the United States and has the equipment to teach building skills to the young men.

We are trusting God to help us change the country of Costa Rica for the advancement of His Kingdom here on earth one child at a time.


Please prayerfully consider giving to GIFTS Ministry.  We are under the umbrella of a 501c3 in the United States called XzoneVA.org.  All donations are tax-deductible and an end of year statement will be issued by XzoneVA.


Sex trafficking is a worldwide problem.  Costa Rica is the center of this problem in Central America. With God’s help and yours, together we plan to change that!