Tuesday, February 13, 2018

We have been very busy, but unfortunately have not had access to the internet.  One of the many challenges to living in another country.  On Saturday, the 10th, we went to see our friends, Grace and Anna that we minister to every month.  We took our usual bags of rice and beans, as they are very poor.  While we were back in the United States for a couple of weeks, Grace’s grandson and his girlfriend have moved into the house too.  Both of them are battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol.  The grandson, Juancarlo, asked for prayer for his addiction.  His girlfriend is too afraid.  They were sober for 2 weeks and her depression was just too much to handle.  All in God’s timing.  She is very curious about the things of God and asks alot of questions.  Ritch and I are still learning Spanish (which seems like a never ending battle) so we take our very good friend, Carmen as out interpreter.  She is a Christian also who loves to pray for others.  We make a very good team.

Sunday we went to church and heard an excellent sermon from our pastors wife’s father visiting from Tennessee.  His sermon was about the importance of studying God’s word.  After church, we invited our new friends, Maurice and Anna and their three children up for lunch.  We swam in the pool and hung out talking about the things of God.  My favorite way to spend the day!

Yesterday, we drove with our lawyer to Liberia, a 2 hour drive each way, to the immigration office.  We are proud to say we are on our way to becoming legal residents of Costa Rica.  It is a long process, but well worth it.  As in all of Costa Rica, it is hurry up and wait.  We arrived at the office and the line was out the door.  Costa Ricans are the most patient people I have ever met.  No one complained.  We just all got in the line and waited for our turn.  It probably only took about another 2 hours, but now that process is over.  The next step is to get in line at the office of CAJA, which is equivalent to our Social Security.  They will determine how much we have to pay into the system each month for healthcare, etc.

So today, I am in Samara and sitting in the shade with internet.  I am also doing my laundry as I wait.  The laundry facilities are also outside under a covered patio.  It really is quite pleasant.  The temperature is in the high 80’s right now and will be in the 90’s later.  This is the dry season of Costa Rica.  There are two seasons, dry and rainy.  We will not see rain until the rainy season starts in May.  Then it will rain every day for about an hour until October.  October is the wettest month here.  By December, we are back in the dry months.  Come April we will see the highest temperatures of the year.  So, if you do not like the heat, avoid Costa Rica in April, at least on the Pacific Ocean side.  Costa Rica actually has a climate for just about everyone depending on where you want to live.

This morning, the howler monkeys came to eat out of the mango tree right beside our patio.  I love to watch them climb and swing through the trees.  Ritch and I even enjoy the sound the males make as they stake claim to their territory!

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