February 27, 2018

We had to take a trip to the capital, San Jose last week to take care of some legal business.  We took some good friends along as we wanted to celebrate her birthday.  As we started our trip we asked the Lord to lead us to people to bless and pray for.  Well, the Lord came through as always.  We got stopped for a few minutes for road construction and there was a man asking for money for his son’s cancer treatments.  We gave him some money, but more importantly we prayed for healing for his son and blessings over him and his family.  We may never know how effective our prayers were this side of eternity, but we were faithful to the one God put in front of us.  But, just like God, He wasn’t done with us yet.

At the hotel the next morning, we met a woman from West Virginia. We spoke for awhile and found out she is a widow, she lost her home in the floods of West Virginia a few years back and she was in a bad car accident.  But through all her adversity she has maintained a beautiful attitude and really loves the Lord.  We prayed for her and she wanted the address to our website to share with her church back home.  God is so faithful and loving.  It is such an honor and privilege to get up each morning and serve Him in any way He leads.

On a personal note, we are still awaiting our container to be moved from Customs in San Jose over to Samara.  The process is longer than I ever anticipated, but I know God’s timing is perfect.

We are slowly making connections here.  I had a conversation with a friend of mine here from Costa Rica (a Tica).  We spoke at length about the cultural differences between our two countries and the perceived differences, whether real or not.  She was cautioning me to make sure I go slowly and communicate to the locals as openly as possible.  Their perception of Americans is that we look down upon them and consider ourselves superior.  We think of them as poor and helpless, which is a major affront to them.  Of course, we don’t feel that way, but we have to earn their trust slowly.  Very good advice that I am trying very hard to implement in my every day dealings.



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