March 7, 2018

We are now back down off the mountain and have internet again.  Hopefully, I will be able to post a little more regularly and get this website updated.

This Saturday, the 10th, we are delivering a new washing machine to Grace.  It is going to be a surprise for her.  It should also make her life a little easier.  She has been doing laundry on a washboard since her old machine broke.

For those who see our posts on Facebook, we have asked for prayer.  Your prayers have been felt and answered.  We have been under attack from the enemy, but our God is faithful and we are more than conquerors!  I know the battle is not over yet, but we are standing firm on the Word and taking territory back.  When the storm is raging, you know to stand back and get ready for the upgrade in the Kingdom!  We are believing for the salvation of the country of Costa Rica and for the evil to be eradicated!  The battle is His.

As for our container, no, it still has not arrived in Samara.  We are getting closer.  Pray it is released and we can get it this weekend or next.

We have friends from the States coming to do ministry with us in two weeks.  We are really looking forward to spending time with Trina and Edie and watching how God is going to move.  So if you feel you are a intercessor, please cover this time in prayer and prepare the hearts and minds to receive.  We will be fasting and praying.

We love each one of you and feel so blessed that you feel led to partner with us. We have been in contact with Penny Williams of Seeds of Hope here in Costa Rica.  We will be planning a trip soon to visit her and see how she has developed her program for at risk youth.

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