March 15, 2018

Good Morning,

On Tuesday afternoon we had the privilege to bless a young mother and her daughter.  Carmen came over to our house and told us about this family.  She had never meant them either, but just heard their story from her cousin.  The little girl, about 8 years of age and had been attacked by a dog, and had bites on her face.  The mom had not been able to work while she cared for her child, so she was out of food.

We immediately went to the local grocery store and bought supplies to take to them.  We weren’t sure how we would be received, since we were not known to them and we knew they were not Christians.   However, we were received with open arms.  The little girl is doing well and her stitches are supposed to come out today.  I believe she will have minimal scarring, Praise Jesus!

I was able to pray for the mom and tell her how much Jesus loves her.  She told me I remind her of her mom.  I held her in my arms and just loved on her.  I know we were sent there for her.  She needs a new revelation of the Father’s love.  Her name is Annielee.  Please lift her up in your prayers and pray for more opportunities to release the love of God.

This is the mandate for each of us, to love the one in front of us.  We just happen to be in a foreign country, but God’s love works no matter where we are.  Today, be intentional about loving the one in front of you.  It may be your child, spouse, neighbor or a stranger.  A smile, a hug, a touch, a kind word, all represent love to someone in need.

Have a great day and be blessed.

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