June 3, 2018

Good Morning Everyone,

We have had an amazing May.  Trina Olson and Edith (Ede) Houghton from Radical Launch Ministry came for the whole month.  The first week was spent here in Samara and then we all went to Jaco for two weeks and then back to Samara for the final week.  Celine Baker also flew in from the States for one week in Jaco.  Trina and Ede’s heart is to empower people to fulfill God’s call on their life and walk it out in practical ways.  They love to do street ministry, so we did a lot of that.  God showed up and showed off every time.  So many people touched by the love of God!  One man that stands out to me was named, Jose.  He was an alcoholic, and possibly a drug user, but God showed me that he loved his mother very much and that God saw that in him.  When I told him that, he started crying.  It touched his heart so much.  I just held him while he sobbed in my arms.  I can’t tell you I changed his life, but I can tell you that he will remember the love of His Father and hopefully one day the seed I planted will grow and blossom.  For you see, we are all called to plant seeds and allow God to do the watering and growing.  Some seeds will fall by the wayside, but some will grow and bring a bountiful harvest.  Keep planting seeds!

We had the privilege of visiting a children’s home, Hogar de Vida in Atenas.  They take in children from 0-12 years of age.  We got to hold babies and play with toddlers.  So much fun!  We prayed with the staff and asked what we could do special for the children.  They told us that everyone really likes fried chicken and it would be such a blessing to them.  So we arranged to come back another day and provide fried chicken and Coke for everyone.  What an awesome day that was!  We blessed the children and also the woman in the town that makes and sells the fried chicken.  She said it was the largest order she had ever had.

While in Jaco, we attended Horizon Church and God gave us providential appointments.  We met Daniel and Chloe Murdock, who work for Seeds of Hope.  They invited us to their home that Sunday night and we got to spend time with some of the staff and pray for their needs and just love on them.  Then later in the week, we visited the Clubhouse in Parrita, all of this before we even had our meeting with Penny Williams, the founder.  Not sure what God has in store, but I know we will be obedient to whatever He has in mind!

The last week of May, we were back in Samara.  God was not done yet.  We finally met Anabeli and her family.  We had tried to get together with this pastor from Nicoya, but the timing was always bad.  However, God’s timing is always best!  Anabeli took us around the area meeting pastors that are under her covering and then speaking at a conference with her pastors.  I cannot even begin to tell you what a blessing that has been.  Seeing their faithfulness and their love of God in some very dire conditions.  It really opens your eyes.  We complain about such petty things!

I started my private tutoring lessons in Spanish from my good friend Carmen.  Please pray for me!  I need to speak Spanish so I can minister effectively.  I do not always have an interpreter with me and that hinders Him.

Please continue to pray for our container.  It is still being held in Customs and needs to be released soon!  On Thursday we went to Immigration to pick up our papers. but they told me we need to come back in another 45 days.  Pura Vida.  Need prayers for them to be finished too.

The rainy season is upon us.  It usually rains everyday around 3 pm.  But everything is so green and fresh now.  This is my favorite time.  Plus it is not so hot. It is also a good time to visit since this is the off season.  The crowds are gone and the rates are lower, but the beach is still beautiful and warm.Seeds of Hope 4

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