June 21, 2018

Hello to the first day of summer.  However, here in Costa Rica we only have two seasons, dry and rainy season.  We are in the rainy season and that officially started in May and will end the first of November.  So far, the rainy season is my favorite.  Everything is green and the temperatures are a little cooler.  Typically it rains every evening, which makes for great sleeping.   The roofs are either metal or tile and there is no insulation, so you hear the rain on the roof very well.  So well, that at times it is hard to hear each other speak, but I find I am adjusting to that too.

Tomorrow Ritch and I will be celebrating 45 years of marriage.  My goodness how time has flown!  God has been so good to us and I cannot imagine doing life without him.  He is my rock and my best friend and my partner and the love of my life, plus my best half in ministry.   Saturday night we have been invited to another Tico church to give our testimony.  Not even sure where the church is located, but the invitation came through Brian, who interprets for us, so I am sure we will follow him.  God keeps opening doors and we just keep walking through them.  We gave our testimony at another church on June 10th and prayed for everyone at the church.  We have heard that God showed up in a major way and we can’t wait to hear the testimony of one man’s healing!  It is from that service that we have received invitations to other churches.  It is such an honor to be used by God.  We are not special, we are just willing.


I have a praise report!  Our container was finally released from Customs and is now on our property!  We have even removed a couple of boxes and I have some of my items around me.  There is a lot of work to be done to unpack the container and find exactly what we need.  When Customs repacked our items into the container from the warehouse, where they had stored them, they were not careful how they repacked it, so we do have some damage, but praise God, we have our items.  Now, we still have to wait for them to release our Polaris.  That is an entirely different matter, so that requires prayer now.


I have started private lessons for Spanish.  It is 4 hours a week, but along with my Duolingo, it is starting to make a difference.  I don’t know if I will ever be fluent, but I will be able to communicate in easy sentences, which is exactly what I need now.  I really don’t like having to say, “No hablo espanol” all the time.  Last night, we attended a local church service and I could understand most of the sermon!  Yeah!  I do understand more than I can speak.

Ritch and I are extremely thankful for each one of you that reads this blog and supports us with prayer and finances too.  We are blessed to be able to help when we see a need.  On July 2, 3 and 4th we are going to help a ministry with Vacation Bible School.  They are expecting 500 to 700 children during these 3 days.  All these children need fed too.  The need is very great!  We have no idea how God is going to use us for these 3 days, but we know it will be amazing and tiring too!  Please pray for discernment for us and stamina and patience.

One more prayer request from us.  When we went to immigration the other week, they still did not have our paperwork done and told us to come back in 45 more days.  We need to get this situation resolved.  Please pray for a swift resolution.

We love you all and pray God’s blessings over each and everyone of you.

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