August 1, 2018

We have had a busy couple of days.  On Sunday, Ritch gave the message to a very small church in Santa Cruz, Costa Rica.  It was their Harvest Sunday, so we shared a meal afterward.  The kids just love Ritch.   I watch them play and it reminds me of my childhood when life was simpler and we played outside and made up games with whatever we could find.

I was honored to be able to help cook the arroz con leche.  That is a huge task, to make sure it does not burn and ruin the whole pot!  It is so much fun to serve in anyway that I can and to feel a part of the community.

The people of this church are very humble.  They love God and love to share whatever they have with others.  They are teaching Ritch and I how to receive.  This is a lesson that is not easy for us.  We are used to being givers, but the Kingdom works best when we can give and receive.  It is in their nature to give and humbles us to receive.  We cannot steal their blessing by not receiving whatever they want to give.

We pray for everyone in the United States as your summer is coming to a close and school will soon start again.  Another chapter of your life is being written.  Whatever is done for the Kingdom will last and everything else will fade away.  Make your life count.






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